kind of care.

Robin Care helps you navigate your cancer journey in unexpected ways.

How it

Robin Care’s team is available 24/7 and follows the latest guidelines from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

From financial counseling to appointment prep, Robin Care offers expert guidance and support. Here are just a few of the ways we can help:

Appointment Prep

Know the right questions to ask and what to expect

Symptom Management

Track how you are feeling and share with our experts and your oncology team

Career Coaching

Receive guidance on working during treatment or returning to work after medical leave

Appointment Interpretation

Have our clinical experts summarize your office visits so you can share with the most important people in your life

Emotional Wellbeing

Get support from professional counselors and access self-guided exercises

Financial Navigation

Get help from medical bill review to navigating your benefits

What is
Robin Care?

Nobody said cancer would be easy. And while doctors are finding new, more effective ways to fight cancer, it’s also becoming more complex. 

Each cancer journey is different, but we’ve been down this road before. That experience gives you the tools you’ll need before you even know you need them. As an eBay employee, our team of experts is focused on you, anticipating AND reacting to everything you’re facing, the obvious and the unexpected. 24/7. 

Who we are

Our team includes oncologists, nurses, coaches, patient care advocates, and benefits experts from leading cancer research institutions and renowned cancer hospitals, partnered with technologists and innovators to change the way you deal with cancer care.